1000 Slider Downloads

Today we reached our 1000 plugin download from the official wordpress plugin directory. Yippey! 🙃 We created Gutenslider ~3 month ago to offer our users the best slider experience they ever had. The new Gutenberg editor inspired us, that is also why we named the slider plugin Gutenslider.

How can we improve? 💗

Our goal is not reached and we are working everyday to improve the user experience. We are happy to hearing from you:

  • What features do you want to see in Gutenslider?
  • How is your experience with Gutenslider? What can be improved?
  • What do you especially like?

Submit your questions, requests or support requests in the official wordpress plugin directory support forum. That is where our developers will have a look and try to solve and anser everything as fast as possible.

Upcoming Changes 📈

We think we can now share a little of the future roadmap with you. We will not disclose everything we plan but the following features will come in the near future

  • Transforms: Allow it to transform Gutenslider to many other core and custom blocks.
  • Hyperlinked slides: Allow it to add hyperlinks to slides, that open an arbitray url on image / video click.
  • Speed and UX Improvements
  • Better Block integration:

We are hoping for the next 1000 slider downloads and are excited about the future of wordpress, about the future of gutenslider and the future of webdevelopment and design. We are giving our best to make the web a nicer place, where everyone is enabled to create awesome content sliders fast and easily.

Thank you