We receive many questions concerning the usage of Gutenslider. We document answers to commonly asked questions here.

Do I need Gutenberg to use Gutenslider?

Yes you do. Gutenberg is the default editor since WordPress 5.0. To use Gutenslider with older WordPress versions, you can still install the Gutenberg Editor Plugin.

What blocks are supported?

Gutenslider works with any blocks on top. However there might be styling issues or things to improve. Either write your own custom css or submit a support request in the support forum. If it is a commonly used block, we will integrate the needed styles into Gutenslider.

Can I add my custom styles to Gutenslider?

Yes you can. Gutenslider lets you add custom css classes to your slider and to individual slides as well. That way you have full css control over your sliders and you can customize anything.

How can I get started?
Can I use Gutenslider with any theme?

Yes, you can use Gutenslider with any theme. If you experience difficulties, please contact your theme author first, before submitting a topic in the support forum.

Is Gutenslider free?

Yes! Gutenslider’s core features are absolutely free. The Pro Version offers advanced controls and features.

Can you provide support? Can you add this feature I need?

Yes, just post a question on the support forum at our wordpress plugin page, and we will answer as soon as possible. For more detailed feature requests or inquiries, you can always contact us here.