Hello Gutenslider!

Today is a good day because Gutenslider can be downloaded from now and it is free. Its the answer to all of those looking for a simple to use slider block for the new wordpress Gutenberg Editor. You can fully customize it and increase user engagement on your website with gutenslider.

Simple and Intuitive

Compared to other sliders, you don’t have to complete difficult backend actions in difficult editors with way too many options like the plugins smart slider oder meta slider offer. Instead it is simple and intuitive and directly built into wordpress Gutenberg Editor in the form of a new block.

Powerful and Customizable

Gutenslider sets no limits to your imagination, because you can add anything on top that you want. Gallery Blocks, Image Blocks, Woocommerce Blocks, and anything else you can think of. The free Version lets you:

  • Add unlimited images
  • Set the block alignment ( normal, wide, full width )
  • Change the Animation ( fade or slide )
  • Select the text color of blocks that you add on top
  • Set vertical and horizontal spacing

There is also a pro version with extended features and customizable options. The pro version offers all free features plus the additional options to customize:

  • add parallax to your sliders
  • change the transition time (the length of the fade/slide transition)
  • change the time of a slide
  • add color overlays to your slider
  • Set the Slider as a background slider for the full page ( you can see that in the background of this page )
  • add arty effects to the content you add on top

Made for Creatives

Because you can add anything on top of gutenslider, there is no limit to your creativity. Gutenslider is especially created for artists and creatives who want to pimp their online portfolios with animated content.

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