Open a link to this site in Google Page Speed Insights to test the results yourself.

Gutenslider is optimized
for Page Speed

Some Words on Page Speed and how our Slider optimizes it

  • Chunks / only loading required
  • Lazy Image Loading

Best Practices for faster loading

  • Upload your slider + page images in modern formats like .webp
  • You can increase the page speed = decrease the amount of required .js and .css files Gutenslider has to load by deselecting certain options. Under the hood we are using swiperjs and its modules. One relatively large module is the autoplay module. So, if you can disable that, do it and it will save you some bandwidth and positevly influence your Page Speed Score.
  • If you have many sliders on a page, try to not go with many different settings (e.g. each have a different animation transition type). That makes sure you only load a minimum amount of css / js.