With the latest upgrade to version 5.9 of the best media slider for WordPress that is fully integrated into the Gutenberg block editor – you can now use an animation that lets the arrows follow your mouse. In the slider below you can see the new feature at work.

Slider Example

woman wearing sunglasses bokeh photography

woman standing beside LED signage

woman wearing eyeglasses

selective focus photo of woman blowing gum standing in front of turned-on neon signage

blue and pink neon light signage

Different Arrow Styles

You can use any of the the 11 available arrow styles Gutenslider offers or even use your own svg as described in this post. This applies not only to the shape of the arrows that follow the mouse, but also arrow color, arrow background color and arrow size. The first example just displays another arrow style and arrow size.

The second example shows a different slider mode with automatic slides per view and a black and white theme, where the arrows also have the mix blend mode set to “difference”.

grayscale photography of woman doing ballet

woman's hippie style sunglasses

grayscale photography of woman leaning on wall

grayscale photo of woman

grayscale photography of closed eyes woman while raising hands