Change slide order button

Changing the slide order

With Gutenberg being quite young, the user interface is a frequent subject to change as well. We will not always go with all UI changes but in Gutenslider 5.0 we adapted the new InnerBlock navigation toolbar you can also see in the core Buttons block for example.

See this video on how to navigate in Gutenslider and Gutenslide blocks and how to change the order of the slides:

As you see, you can also select the order of the media slides by selecting them in the order you want them to appear.

We will improve the process of changing the slide order in future versions of Gutenslider. We are currently considering two improvements:

1: to have a special block navigation toolbar item like in the latest version of the navigation block:

block navigation menu change slide order

2: To have a Panel in the block settings that lets you reorder slides.

What do you think or like better? Until that please use the way outlined in the video above.

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