The latest Gutenslider 4.4.0 Version adds a major upgrade to arrows. In Gutenslider Pro you can now choose between 10 different arrow styles change the position of the arrows, the background color, hover color and even the mix-blend-mode. See all options in this live demo.

The free version allows you to change the size of the arrows and to choose between three different colors (white, black, blue). In Gutenslider Pro you can choose from:

  • 10 different arrow styles
  • Arrow Position (left + right / bottom left / bottom right / top left / top right)
  • Arrow Color
  • Arrow Hover Color
  • Arrow Background Color
  • Arrow Background Hover Color
  • Arrow X Offset
  • Arrow Y Offset
  • Arrow Spacing
  • Arrow Mix Blend Mode

Check the final result here live:

The color palette might look different on your website, as it is determined by the theme you are using. But you can choose any custom color anyway.

If you want to play with all the options and see how it behaves with your content, you can always start a free-7-day pro trial here.